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Lokring Installer Course

A 2-hour training course to meet the requirements of Lokring to perform installations with their NFPA 99 acceptable braze alternative on medical gas systems. The credential is valid for three (3) years starting on the date of the training.

What’s Covered
Hours Required
  • Candidates shall have a current ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Systems Installer Credential in good standing from a recognized third party certification agency. minimum of four (4) years of documented experience in the field of installation of plumbing or mechanical piping systems.
  • A breakdown of the science behind the Lokring fittings design and how it is used in medical gas systems
  • Selection of the proper Lokring tool to fit the installation
  • The proper handing, installation, and testing of Lokring installations.
  • Common Lokring installation challenges and how to address them
  • Includes assistance with obtaining the credential card from Lokring.
  • Each student must complete 1 hour of training to include practice installation and review test
  • Course location is negotiable. Location will need to meet certain requirements.


  • The credential is valid for 3 years and the certification training will need to be repeated every three years in order to continue with Lokring installations.
LokRing Medical Gas Systems
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