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Medical Gas Equipment Sales and Service

Medical Air Systems from BeaconMedaes

CYA is a Manufacturer Representative for all BeaconMedaes products.

Medical Vacuum Systems

Instrument Air Systems

Alarm Systems


Medical Air Systems



Conversion Kits

CYA Also Stocks, Installs, and Verifies Equipment for the Following Brands

Allied Healthcare Products
LokRing Medical Gas Systems
MediTrac Medical Tubing

Medical Gas Systems Equipment We Carry

Air Source Systems

  • Medical Air Compressor Systems
    • Scroll
    • Reciprocating
  • Medical Air Dryer Packages
    • CO/Dewpoint Monitors
  • Instrument Air Compressor Systems
  • Laboratory Air Compressor Systems
  • Rental Air Compressor

Vacuum Source Systems

  • Vacuum Pump Systems
    • Lubed Rotary Vane
    • Dry Rotary Vane
    • Claw
    • Screw
  • WAGD Pump Systems
  • Laboratory Vacuum Pump Systems
  • Rental Vacuum Pump

Emergency Oxygen Supply Connections

  • Emergency Oxygen Supply Connection (EOSC) Box

Manifold Source Systems

  • High Pressure x High Pressure Manifolds
  • High Pressure x Liquid Manifolds
  • Liquid x Liquid Manifolds
  • Emergency Reserve Header-Bar Assemblies
  • Manifold Accessories
    • Pigtails
    • Header-bars
    • Manifold parts

Pipeline Products

  • Outlets
    • Wall Outlets
    • Console Outlets
    • Ceiling Outlets
    • Outlet Accessories
    • Retrofit Outlets
  • Control Panels
    • Nitrogen Control Panels
    • Instrument Air Control Panels
    • Retrofit Control Panels
  • Zone Valves
  • Valves
    • Isolation valves
    • In-line Check Valves
    • Valve Tags
  • Pipeline Accessories
    • Flex Hoses
    • Seismic Flex Loops
    • Dual Line Regulator Assemblies
    • Line Regulators

Alarm Panels

  • Master Alarm Panels
  • Area Alarm Panels
  • Combo Alarm Panels
  • Retrofit Alarm Kits
  • Alarm Accessories
    • Area Sensors
    • Mainline Pressure Switches
    • Zone valve sensor adapters

Manufactured Assemblies

  • Ceiling Columns
  • Headwalls
  • Hose Reels
  • Pedestals

Fittings and Hose Assemblies

  • Fittings
    • DISS
    • Pin-Index (Ohmeda)
    • Latch Index (Chemetron)
    • Geometric (Puritan Bennet)
    • NPT
  • Hose Assemblies
    • Hose Configurator
    • Bulk hose supplies and tools


  • Couplings
  • Reducers
  • Caps
  • 90° Elbows
  • Tees
  • Gage Port Caps
  • Gage Port Couplings
  • Rental Tool Kits
    • Installation Training
Bulk Source Systems

Bulk Source Systems

  • Bulk Cryogenic Liquid System
    • Mini-Bulk Cryogenic Liquid Systems

Your gas systems are under warranty?  We’re a Factory Certified Warranty Service Center for Western Enterprises, Ohio Medical and Amico.

Medical Gas Equipment for Rent

CYA stocks medical gas systems equipment for rent. You can rent the following from us:

  • Vacuum pumps in-stock ready for emergency installations
  • New and rebuilt manifolds
  • New air source equipment
  • And more

Additional Equipment Sales & Service

Will your staff need training on new source equipment? CYA will take care of training them for safe operation.

Ask us about Parts Packages too!

Trust the Medical Gas Experts for your next equipment order. Please contact CYA at (800) 292-6334.

  • Knowledgeable, reliable, personable & with great customer service.

    R&A Engineering Solutions, Inc.
  • CYA has been one of the best medical gas services I have worked with over the last 15 years.

    B. Chamberlain Inspection Services
  • CYA provides expert Medical Gas systems analysis, certifications and consulting services. This is the go-to company for any item related to medical gas systems. I have worked with CYA on and off for 32 years. During this time CYA has resolved more issues than I can remember with new and remodeled hospital construction in the area of medical gases and their distribution.

    Douglas Hahn Inspection Services, Inc.

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