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Queen of the Valley Main Hospital SPC-1 Separation

ClientQueen of the Valley Medical Center
Hiring PartiesPetra ICS / Queen of the Valley MC
LocationNapa, CA

Queen of the Valley Main Hospital SPC-1 Separation

CYA conducted a two-part project: separating the Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, and Oxygen from the Main Hospital, and re-routing the piping underground to feed the West Wing.

The re-route removed medical gases from the original Hospital building, which is not seismically rated for patient care. CYA back-fed the oxygen, nitrous oxide, and nitrogen systems in the existing West Wing, North/South Wings, and Pavilion. We cut the main feeds and tied into the new feeds alongside.

Once complete, CYA performed verification testing of the new underground piping, the new riser connections in the West Wing, and the tie-in to main feeds. We also retested the existing areas affected in the buildings. Part of the project entailed adding new mainline pressure switches; CYA tested the signals on the hospital’s existing master alarm panels.