Covid-19 Update - March 20, 2020

Carsten's Yearly Analysis, Inc. is open and fully operational. You can contact us for all your Medical Gas needs by telephone 800-292-6334 or email at 24 X 7.

Our employees are fully trained in Aseptic Technique, BloodBorne Pathogens, Isolation Techniques, Infection Control, OSHA Safety and Social Distancing. All Field personnel are registered and current in the customer Vendor Compliance Online Systems GHX and Symplr. Our customer access instructions have been communicated to our employees and we have aligned our policies to mirror the requirements. We are in daily contact with our customers and support their efforts to help isolate and contain the Covid-19 virus.

We stay committed to keeping our employees, customers and community safe. We monitor the CDC (Center for Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organization), State of California and Nevada Covid-19 sites and local governance for current updates.

Our company policy has always been focused on patient safety by ensuring a safe and reliable Environment of Care for our customer’s Licensed Medical Professionals to perform their excellent care.

Our hearts go out to all affected by the Corona Virus. We pray that with our proactive efforts we can manage the pandemic to make it a short one.


Carsten’s Yearly Analysis, Inc. (CYA) is a full-service medical gas system testing and consulting company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our ASSE-Credentialed Medical Gas Verifiers & Inspectors serve the needs of the healthcare industry across the Western United States.


For over 20 years, CYA has expertly addressed medical gas piping system needs, from design and specification to repair or replacement. We train and certify medical gas professionals as well.

An authority in the medical gas system field, we provide your facility with end-to-end medical gas service.

Your Medical Gas Experts Serving the Healthcare Industry

Designed to Move

Mobile testing labs and 24/7 response capabilities. Hospitals cannot wait, so neither do we.

100+ Years in the Field

Our goal is to keep your system running efficiently and your patients safe.

Comprehensive Services

From system inspections and certification to medical gas training for technicians, CYA is the only resource you need.

Comprehensive Medical Gas Service & Consulting

Testing & Inspections

  • Annual Medical Gas & Vacuum Piping System Inspections
  • Remodel & New Construction Verification & Inspection
  • System Shutdown & Back-Feed Reviews & Verification

Maintenance & Repair

  • Emergency 24/7 Repair Response
  • Preventative Maintenance for Medical Gas & Vacuum Systems Components

Consulting & Code Compliance

  • Medical Gas System Consulting
  • Code Compliance Consulting

Training & Certification

  • NFPA 99 Compliant Facility Maintenance Training
  • ASSE 6000 Series Medical Gas System Professional Credential Courses

Employee Safety

  • OSHA- and NiOSH-Compliant Employee Exposure Testing: TWA Tests, STEL Tests, PEL Tests

Equipment Sales

  • Medical Gas System Equipment Sales and Service

How to Contact CYA

Carsten's Yearly Analysis, Inc.
P.O. Box 1407
Newark, California 94560
Tel 800.292.6334
Fax 510.659.9019

Open 8 AM – 5 PM Monday to Friday
24/7 Emergency Service: 1.800.292.6334

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